Accredited Courses 2018/19 | Kent Adult Education

Accredited Courses enrolling now

Accredited Courses enrolling now

Whether you want to further your career or explore a new direction, our range of Accredited courses will put you on the road to success.

We offer a range of qualifications including Teaching Assistant, Computing, Counselling, Bookkeeping and Cake Decorating, along with GCSE English and maths at select times in the year.

Our Accredited courses are taught in a way that suits adult learners and will:

  • Develop your skills and understanding
  • Make the best use of your study time
  • Build your confidence
  • Help you gain a qualification
Most employers are looking for qualified staff and our qualifications will help you stand out from other candidates.

Boost your career

Taking an Accredited course and gaining a qualification can help you get noticed, increase your earning potential or even get you that promotion. By gaining a qualification, you can build on your existing skills, knowledge, and take on additional duties and responsibilities with confidence.

Progress your studies and move to a higher level qualification

Do you have an enquiring mind? Do you want to progress your studies? Part time study with us is a great way to gain additional knowledge whilst you are doing your ‘day job’, you have the choice to take a course at a time of the day and the week to suit you. 

Learn with like-minded people, under the guidance of our knowledgeable and supportive tutors.

What about turning a hobby into a business by taking a Bookkeeping qualification or boosting your IT skills?

You will normally need to speak to a subject specialist before booking on to an Accredited course. Browse online here and then call 03000 41 22 22. We’ll help you move onto the next exciting chapter of your life.