Mr Christos Mikalonis - Tutor

Mr Christos Mikalonis

With a wealth of experience in delivering to groups of all levels, Christos Mikalonis provides in-depth learning and self-study for all learners, providing information and guidance on such topics as initial assessment, examinations and extra support. Christos has taught English in a number of Adult Education Centres, Further Education Colleges and schools on a wide range of courses, including GCSE, A-Level, adult literacy and ESOL for over twenty-five years. Christos has examined English language students for all of the major UK awarding bodies since 1991. He has also worked as Principal Examiner, a trainer and an adviser.

English/English, maths & ESOL

GCSE English Language

Code: TON/79253/H/LC

Location: Tonbridge Adult Education Centre

Date and duration: 26/09/2019 18:00 for 30 weeks

Price: £0.00