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Self Development courses

Our Self Development courses cover a wide range of areas for self-understanding. Create a vision board to help you set personal and professional goals you would like to achieve or try a personal development course focusing on your journey as a carer. Our Self Development courses are taught by specialist tutors and are taught in online and in real time.

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Discover Ways to Live with Antisocial Behaviour - Online Live

ASH/92727/J/NC Location: Ashford Gateway , Ashford

Suicide awareness

SIT/93395/J/NC Location: Real time Online

Personal Development - Your Journey as a Carer

TON/92266/J/LC Location: Tonbridge Adult Education Centre, Tonbridge

Create your Vision Board - Online Live

GRA/88735/J/NC Location: Real time Online

Create your Vision Board - Online Live

MAI/88751/J/NC Location: Real time Online

Discover How to Use CBT to Improve Family Communication

MAI/93297/J/NC Location: St Faiths Adult Education Centre, Maidstone

Psychology of Children's Minds

SEV/92891/J/NC Location: Sevenoaks Adult Education Centre, Sevenoaks

Discover New Ways to Change Negative Thinking - Online Live

ASH/92729/J/NC Location: Ashford Gateway , Ashford

Psychology of Your Teenager's Mind

SEV/93275/J/NC Location: Sevenoaks Adult Education Centre, Sevenoaks

Create your Vision Board - Online Live

SIT/88771/J/NC Location: Real time Online
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