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History courses

Delve into the past and discover how the world was shaped into what we know today. Our Limited Edition History courses will feature exciting new courses taught by friendly, Kent based tutors. These courses will be delivered online, which will make it possible for you to enjoy a real-time, collaborative learning experience from the comfort of your home.

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History - History of Fashion Hats - Millinery Techniques- Online Live

ONL/107063/K/NC Location: Delivered online

Italian Mixed Levels - Political Studies - The Years of Mussolini - Online Live

ONL/107059/K/NC Location: Delivered online

History - A History of Irish Art

TWL/107289/K/NC Location: Corn Exchange, Tunbridge Wells

History – Revolting Peasants: Medieval popular uprisings against the status quo, taxation and religious interference - Online Live - TON

ONL/108960/K/NC Location: Delivered online

History – Medieval Misrule - What Made a Bad King Bad? - Online Live - TON

ONL/112743/K/NC Location: Delivered online

History - Life and Times of Canterbury Cathedral

ONL/107097/K/NC Location: Delivered online

History - History of Fashion - Focus on Hats - Online Live

TWL/90894/K/NC Location: Delivered online

History - History of Language of Flowers

ONL/108430/K/NC Location: Delivered online

History - A History of Catholicism in Ireland - Online Live

ONL/107769/K/NC Location: Delivered online