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Express Yourself - Creative Self Care - Online Live

Day of week:
Real time Online
Mixed Level
19:00 - 21:00
3 weeks

This is an online course delivered using Zoom, in real time with live interaction with your tutor and fellow learners.This course is a fabulous chance to try something new. It is more about taking time out in your busy life to be creative

How will I be taught?

You will be taught by a qualified tutor. The course will be highly experiential and you will participate in activities led by the tutor in addition to recording your thoughts and feedback

Our teaching methods include demonstration, explanation, discussion and times for question and answer sessions. You will be carefully observed to ensure that you are working safely. Throughout your course you will be asked to complete sections in your Individual Student Workbook which includes Initial Assessment of your own knowledge and will be used by you and your tutor to reflect on and monitor your progress. Your tutor will also use this information to ensure that all of your personal goals are achieved and provide individual support where necessary. At the end of the course you and your tutor are asked to assess the progress you have made via End of Course Evaluations.

What do I need to have with me?

Please read the following information carefully. You may be advised not to take part if you are not dressed appropriately. You will need supportive, comfortable clothing that allows ease of movement.

What can I do next?

Specialist advice is available from your tutor to help identify the next suitable course for you. We have Mindfulness and Meditation workshops available as well as additional Wellbeing courses that may be of interest. Alternatively visit our website

What do I need to join the course

No previous knowledge or experience is required.

You will be required to contribute to class discussions and complete your student workbook. This course is not intended to replace professional medical advice or counselling therapy.

Our staff are unable to provide specific medical advice to assist in your enrolment. If you have any health-based questions with regards to your suitability, please show a copy of this Course Outline to a health professional.

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Joining your course

Real time Online
Instructions will be sent to you by your tutor

Click here for more details.

If you require any information about joining this online course then please call 03000 41 40 25* and quote the Course Code GRA/94203/J/NC.