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Numerology - The Basics - Online Live - TON

Day of week:
Delivered online
Level 1
14:00 - 16:00
4 weeks

This is an online course delivered using Zoom, in real time with live interaction with your tutor and fellow learners

Numerology is the study of the meaning of numbers and their relevance to people’s lives. In this course Basics to Numerology, you will learn about the Numerology, what it is, its origins, how it is used around the world and in Britain. The course will provide a balanced fact-based view and is not offering a personal consultation of individual circumstances.

By the end of this course you should be able to:
- define Numerology in relation to other branches of knowledge
- appreciate the history of numerology and describe how it is used around the world
- recognise the 3 main forms of numerology and identify the 5 core numbers
- discuss the meaning of individual numbers and explain the meaning of master numbers
- link Numerology to modern day and its relevance to understand how certain numbers relate to individuals, what they mean and how the information can be used in their life.

How will I be taught?

We shall use small group work, tutor input for the historic aspect of numerology, discussion and short activities to introduce to the concept of numerology. Individual numbers and names may be used if students volunteer, but only to illustrate a learning point in the lesson. The course is not a consultation of personal circumstances.
You will discuss your learning with the tutor and will be asked to record your progress on a Learning Plan.

What do I need to have with me?

Apart from a sense of curiosity you may wish to bring note taking materials.

What can I do next?

Your tutor will discuss this with you. We offer a range of other courses in Tonbridge, many are useful for personal development. The tutor can advise, or you can enquire in the Centre or visit our website on Please enrol on any course as soon as possible and at least one week before the start date.

What do I need to join the course

Everyone is welcome to join this course. No prior knowledge is necessary but a good understanding of English is essential.

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Joining your course

Delivered online

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If you require any information about joining this online course then please call 03000 41 22 22* and quote the Course Code ONL/108966/K/NC.