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Experience courses
Starting at just £30, an experience course lets you try a different topic each week. It could be one week watercolour and the next week acrylics, or first week yoga and the second week pilates.

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Helping you to make the right choice


We want you to get the most out of studying with us. We will provide opportunities for you to find out how you are doing during your course in a number of ways, but in particular your tutor will provide you with feedback on your progress.

Tutors can address any worries or concern you may have about surrounding your course or your progress. They can also tell you about follow-on courses and suggest new related topics you may wish to try.

Our frontline team are here to support you through the enrolment and payment process and will be happy to discuss any questions you may have about the building, access and equipment. They can ideally places to offer you detailed course information, our tutors – many of them have studied with us so can give you a real student's perspective.

For some of our courses we may be able to provide financial support if you cannot afford the fee. Support is subject to certain criteria and does not apply to all courses.  The amount of support available varies, but could be as much as a 100% reduction (depending on the course you choose and your circumstances). If you are concerned about the cost of your chosen course please mention this to a member of our team prior to enrolling. They can then offer you the best advice and options.

We try very hard to ensure our course information is up to date however printed materials can quickly date; our website is refreshed everyday and always carries the most up to date course information.

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