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Creative Writing - FREE TASTER - Writing for Pleasure - Centre Based - DAR/116522/K/FF

Location: Dartford Adult Education Centre, Dartford

Free taster - Dartford Centre
Whatever your level of experience, this life enhancing course will help you to gain more enjoyment from your writing by taking the time to explore new techniques, styles and subjects. Under the friendly guidance of the tutor you’ll be shown how to produce a variety of written pieces. This course will help you discover new strengths as a writer and feel more creatively fulfilled., ,
This session is a sample of the longer course.
By the end of the course you will be able to:,
Explore new routes to creativity for pleasure and personal satisfaction,
Selectively use writing techniques to create a variety of effects ,
Improve your written pieces through effective revision and editing,
Collaborate creatively, sharing constructive feedback with other writers in a friendly and supportive environment.