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Relaxation and positive thinking - CAN/113968/K/NC

Location: Canterbury Adult Education Centre, Canterbury

This Relaxation and positive thinking in Canterbury forms part of a series of sessions exploring mental health. Negative thinking and self-imiting beliefs can be very damaging, linked to low self-esteem can prevent people from achieving their full potential and everyday life very hard. There are a variety of therapies and simple techniques that can be applied to work with these negative beliefs and this course will explore some of these, eg. self-hypnosis, mindfulness, NLP, CBT. You will be shown the basics of some of these theories which you can use for yourself or others.

By the end of the day students should be able to:
1) Understand what negative thinking is and how it can impact on everyday life
2) understand what self hypnosis and mindfulness are
3) Identify when it is appropriate to use these techniques and gain practical experience
4) Understand other options available for changing negative thinking

This course is educational rather than therapeutic. General broad ideas will be shared and discussed amongst the group. There could be some sharing of personal experiences but this course is not a replacement for personal therapy and this element will be carefully managed by the tutor.