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Pathway to Volunteering

Response works in partnership with several volunteer centres around Kent, including those below and CVS Northfleet, The Healthy Living Centre, Dartford, Optivo, Involve Maidstone and Swale CVS to deliver courses designed to provide potential volunteers with the skills and confidence to succeed in their first volunteering role. All courses run 9.30am to 3.30pm.


Courses run regularly throughout the year.

Volunteering for a Better You                                                                                                                                                                    To better understand and (re) discover individual skills to help raise self-esteem and match those skills to community and individual opportunities. In better appreciating those skills we will then provide an overview of volunteering explaining what is expected of a volunteer, what should be expected in return and investigate the best match for those personal skills and the individual’s life journey.

Match your Skills for Volunteering
Volunteering is an excellent way of developing new skills and utilising existing ones. It can also be a stepping-stone back into employment or simply to a different life direction. Ashford Volunteer Centre, will help you recognise your skills and match them with the many local opportunities available.


Skills for Volunteers
This course is tailored to meet local needs. It covers the benefits of volunteering; the role and responsibilities of being a volunteer; and how volunteering can improve skills and offer relevant experience.

Introduction to Virtual Volunteering and Home-based Working
This course provides a general overview of the benefits of virtual volunteering and microvolunteering, the ongoing implications and effects of Covid-19 on volunteering, examples of virtual volunteering opportunities and virtual volunteering myths. This course is 3 hours.

Courses in Shepway, Thanet and Dover districts

Confidence into Volunteering
For those who are not yet ready for their first volunteering role, this course will give you the confidence to take a step towards your goal. It looks at what confidence means to you and how you recognise confidence in others. You will learn how to utilise positive self-talk and attitude to help you change self-limiting beliefs.

Skills for Volunteers
This course looks at the benefits of volunteering transferable skills and overcoming barriers, rights and responsibilities, body language and training. It is ideal for those ready for their first role in volunteering.

Introduction to Customer Service
This course looks at being the public face of the business, dealing with customers, the importance of product knowledge, what is good and what is bad customer service and coming across well.