Are you a club, society or group of friends with a particular interest? | Kent Adult Education

Experience courses
Starting at just £30, an experience course lets you try a different topic each week. It could be one week watercolour and the next week acrylics, or first week yoga and the second week pilates.

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Are you a club, society or group of friends with a particular interest?

A taste of learning in your community

We bring learning to your local community. What works for one group might be totally different to what works for another, so what we offer is courses designed around your needs.

Here are just a few suggestions…

Are you a club or group of friends, maybe with a particular interest – Knitting, Art, Genealogy, Creative Writing, or Languages?

We can offer a workshop or short course from a guest expert – at your place or ours.

Are you an organisation offering support to carers?

We can offer workshops or short courses providing carers with a well-earned break. Times and length of sessions can be flexible to fit around your respite arrangements and we can offer courses in a convenient location to you.

We can also offer a workshop or short course for carers and the person they care for to attend together - giving them a chance to enjoy some time together focused on a shared interest.

Are you an organisation providing sheltered accommodation for older people?

We can hold a workshop or short course at your location, tailored to the interests of your residents. We also run sessions helping to maintain mobility.

Are you a club or group of friends in a rural setting with limited access to transport?

We help local communities who might otherwise feel cut off to hold courses in convenient places nearby. This could be your village hall or another community facility where learning activities can be offered to local residents.

Costs vary but we always aim to be competitive and in some circumstances, workshops may be free.

Please get in touch to discuss what you’d like to do – email: CLS Customer Relations.