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English and Maths

English and Maths underpins everything we do and learn. Through all our courses we embed and prioritise their use in ways such as:

Writing on lined paper with a pencil


  • Written work is marked and feedback given. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are observed
  • Writing: purpose, audience and context are established
  • Reading: skimming and scanning skills. Understanding and reading in depth
  • Speaking and listening: through discussion techniques, presentation skills
Mathematical equation on board


  • Arts and Craft: working out measurements/perspective/ratio, preparing exhibition, emailing suppliers with costs, using isometric paper
  • Languages including BSL: preparing a trip to a foreign country (trip arrangements/costings/timetables) metric versus imperial measurements
  • Business and IT: use of spreadsheets, numerical commands and graphs
  • Fitness and Wellbeing: timings, positions, angles, counting in music and dancing in time

Not sure you’re ready for GCSE English or Maths?

A GCSE isn’t the only way to get a qualification in English and Maths. With KAE Skills we offer a range of courses from entry level all the way up to GCSE, which can help you get the skills you need.

Whether it’s to help your children with their homework, to feel more confident with day-to-day tasks or to get the job you are after, we have a course at a level that will suit you. You will work towards nationally recognised qualifications and can join at any time during the year. Come and have a chat to discuss how we can help you with English and Maths. We can also refer you to the National Careers Service for further guidance on alternative progression.