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Our Family Courses Learners

Meet some of our Family Courses Learners and find out more about their learning journeys with Kent Adult Education.

Courtney (1)

Courtney kicked off her learning journey with Family Learning in September 2023, setting sail on a voyage of self-discovery and family enrichment. Since then, she's been diving into a variety of our Family Learning courses, which she has accessed at her local Sure Start Children's centre.

She's completed a Wider Family Learning Elmer workshop, where she picked up some tips on keeping the family bond strong. Additionally, mastering a longer First Aid for Families course in November which underscores her commitment to ensuring her family's well-being in times of need.

Courtney has also completed a Chatter Matters course, which has helped her to focus on effective communication within her family.

Courtney has now embarked on a four-week parenting course, which shows her ongoing dedication to nurturing her communication and parental abilities. This commitment reflects her proactive stance towards fostering a supportive and nurturing environment for her family to thrive in.

Courtney says "Engaging in Family Learning courses at Millmead Sure Start Centre has significantly boosted my confidence and broadened my perspective. These learning experiences have made me feel more open in interacting with other parents, who I now engage with more comfortably, seeking and sharing advice in a safe environment. These courses have not only equipped me with new knowledge but also provided a supportive environment for personal growth. As a new parent, the courses at Millmead Sure Start Centre, including Elmer, First Aid for Families, Chatter Matters and Autism Awareness, have been invaluable to helping me to support my family and open up to other parents. Currently nearing completion of the autism course, I aspire to undertake more parenting and self-development courses. Looking ahead, my ambition is to become an Art Therapist, aiding children in expressing themselves effectively, as I know first hand how challenging it is to feel unable to communicate with others.

My Family Learning tutor's approach has made my learning journey feel personalised and empowering, and she has helped me feel more confident about my future."

Zaraah has been learning with Family Learning since 2018. She first came to a Family Learning class when she had her first baby and has been learning with us ever since. By attending Family Learning lessons, Zaraah has been able to bring her children as well. She has been attending for 2 hours per week and has progressed through the different levels of Trinity exams. She has passed E3 and L1 reading, E3 Writing and Level 2 Speaking and Listening. She is currently working on L2 Reading and L1 Writing and she would like to progress towards a Teaching Assistant qualification.

Zaraah says "I moved to the UK in 2016 and I have been learning since I came. At first, I learnt at the Adult Education centre, but then when I had my children I went to a Family Learning class at a Children's centre from 2018 and my children could go in the creche and I could study without the kids. I have learnt grammar, reading, writing and I improved my speaking and listening. I have done lots of exams - E1, E2, E3, L1 and L2 Speaking and Listening and E3 and L1 Reading and E3 Writing. I have learnt how to write emails and other different types of texts like letters and adverts. At the moment, I am working to do Level 1 Writing this year. I am learning new grammar, vocabulary and different types of text. In the future I would like to do a Teaching Assistant course and then work in a nursery or a school."

Fariba (1)

Fariba joined our Family Learning courses during the pandemic. We started off learning online and now lessons have resumed face-to-face. Fariba has been very enthusiastic and keen to learn and pass as many qualifications as she can. Last academic year, Fariba passed E3 Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening. She is now working towards achieving her level 1.

Fariba says "I have learnt with Family Learning both online and also at Little Forest Children's centre. I have learnt English to be able to be independent in my daily life - I improved my vocabulary so I can speak to the GP and get appointments for my children. I can communicate better on the telephone and I can understand people when they speak on the phone now. Before I couldn't do this. My grammar is also improving. I had problems with sentence structure and use of tenses and words, but now I can write about topics with good grammar structures. I am hoping to pass level 1 this year."

"Before attending the course, I felt not very confident and I was not able to solve problems by myself. I had to rely on other people and also I couldn't take part in certain things because I couldn't communicate and I didn't have any friends. After starting the course, I made many friends and also felt able to be part of society and a group. I also felt able to get a job and I passed my exams and the certificates have boosted my confidence. Now I can work - I am working in a nursery for an agency. This is going very well. I am looking into doing some Childcare qualifications. The best thing has been more confidence. I am also able to help my daughters with their homework."