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Limited Editions courses

Are you looking for something different? Join us for an online Limited Edition course and enjoy specialised courses in a wide variety of subjects, including Bridge, Fitness, Latin, History, Sugarcraft and many more. These courses have been specifically designed for learners looking to gain detailed knowledge in a specialised area. With so many courses on offer, there is something for everyone. Our dedicated Kent-based tutors will guide you through your chosen course to ensure you develop outstanding skills in your preferred area. Our Limited Edition courses are taught online and in real time by specialist tutors based in Kent.

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Map Reading and Simple Navigation - Introduction

TON/92014/J/NC Location: Tonbridge Adult Education Centre, Tonbridge

Natural Remedies - Introduction to Crystals - Online Live

GRA/94153/J/NC Location: Real time Online

CIS Returns - Why and How to Complete Them - Online Live

MAI/94247/J/NC Location: Real time Online

Discover How to Use CBT to Improve Positive Thinking

ASH/92723/J/NC Location: Ashford Gateway , Ashford

History - History of Fashion Hats - Millinery Techniques - Online Live

SEV/91212/J/NC Location: Real time Online

Discover What Emotional Intelligence is and How to Use it - Online Live

TWL/92993/J/NC Location: Real time Online

History - History of Fashion - Focus on Hats - Online Live

TWL/90894/J/NC Location: Real time Online

Fashion - Colour and Style Consultation

TON/89434/J/NC Location: Tonbridge Adult Education Centre, Tonbridge

Italian for All - Conosci Napoli con Elena Ferrante - Online Live

SEV/91018/J/NC Location: Real time Online

Styling - Be Fashionable and Sustainable - Online Live

TWL/91214/J/NC Location: Real time Online