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Pathway to IT, office work, starting a business and gathering tools to live in a digital world

These courses will help you learn basic computing skills, how to use programmes, create online meetings, use social media and will look at computer safety and online banking.

Basic Computer Skills Absolute Beginners
This course offers basic skills for those who have never used a computer before or lack confidence. It includes starting a computer, the terminology, Windows basics, desktop icons and saving your work. This course is 4 to 6 hours.

Next Level Computer Skills
For those who are confident with the basics of computing but would like to know more about specific areas, such as the internet and email, word processing, spreadsheets, web-based buying and selling, online banking and engaging with public services. This course is 4 to 6 hours.

Digital Solutions: Zoom Basics
Learn how to master the online meeting platform Zoom. You will learn how to create a meeting and invite participants, share your screen and manage backgrounds. This course is 2 hours.

Digital Solutions: Using Social Media
This course is designed to raise awareness of new technology and help learners to improve their general use of IT skills and be able to connect with social media. You will learn how to open Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and use Skype to make calls. This course is 3 hours.

Digital Focus: Staying Safe Online and Paying Bills
This is designed to show you how to stay safe online. You will look at computer safety, viruses and anti-virus software, the need for firewalls and internet security, limiting access for children and what to look out for in email attachments. There is also an opportunity to look at how to pay bills and fill in forms online. This course is 3 hours.

Introduction to Setting up your own Business
Learners will get an introduction to what it takes to set yourself up in business. It will look at what to consider legally and financially to set up on the best course for success. This course is 4 hours.

Introduction to Assertiveness
Explore how using assertiveness tools and skills helps you to feel more in control. Recognise how to manage your own feelings when you are challenged with new experiences and feel empowered to say no when you mean it without feeling guilty. You will practice listening and speaking with others in small groups. This course is 4 hours.

Level 2 Award in Conflict Management
This course provides you with an opportunity to learn some skills to reduce the likelihood of conflict and challenging behaviour occurring in your job or in everyday life. You will learn a range of ways to deal with difficult situations, which will develop your knowledge and ability to deal with conflict situations and build your confidence. This course is 2 sessions of 4 hours.