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Pathway to working as a teaching assistant or in childminding

These courses will introduce you to children's learning, communicating with children, first aid, healthy eating and food allergies.

Introduction to Supporting Children’s Learning LASER Level 1
This course introduces the different ways in which children learn and the most effective ways of supporting them. You will learn a variety of strategies to support children with reading, spelling, writing, speaking and listening as well as with written and mental maths. This can prepare you for the level 2 teaching assistant course. This course takes place over 10 weeks with 3 hours scheduled per week.

Introduction to Working with Children
Learners will explore the many different environments and settings available in the children’s sector and identify the qualifications necessary to work in these settings, including the progression routes. It will look at the importance of being confident in effectively communicating with children, young people and the adults who work with them. This course is 4 hours.

Introduction to First Aid for Parents and Carers
This first aid introduction has a paediatric focus as learners examine the techniques involved in resuscitating a child and baby, burns and bleeding. This course is 3.5 hours.

Introduction to Healthy Eating
Learners are introduced to the different aspects of nutrition and lifestyle that come together to create a healthy diet. It looks at how we define a healthy diet and why we want to aspire to be healthy. You will look at the eat well plate, vitamins and minerals, meal planning, portion sizes and calories. Where facilities allow, learners can make a light lunch. This course is 4 hours.

Level 2 Award in Food Allergen Awareness
This accredited qualification raises the awareness of characteristics and consequences of food allergies and intolerances. It looks at the procedures for identifying and controlling contamination from allergenic ingredients and procedures around communicating accurate information. Knowledge is tested by 15 multiple choice questions. This course is 4 hours.

Communication and Listening Skills
You will explore communication skills and techniques, understand issues that impact on communication in different types of situations and assess strategies for personal development, and resilience. This course is 4 hours.