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English, maths & ESOL courses

We offer a wide range of opportunities for adults to improve their skills and gain nationally recognised qualifications. With us, you can improve your chances of getting a job, progress your career or build on your current skills to help with many aspects of your daily life or work. If you are a non-English speaker, our ESOL and EFL courses will help you learn the language to improve your speaking and writing skills, find a job or start a career and gain a nationally recognised qualification. We also offer a range of Level 1 and Level 2 English and Maths courses, GCSE English and Maths, Everyday English and Maths and Work Skills and Employability courses to help you improve your skills. Our courses are delivered online and in real time by specialist tutors based in Kent.

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ESOL Entry Level 2/3

GRA/110212/K/FF Location: Gravesend Adult Education Centre, Gravesend
Concessions £575.00

ESOL Entry Level 2/3

SEV/110268/K/FF Location: Sevenoaks Adult Education Centre, Sevenoaks
Concessions £478.00

ESOL Level 1/Level 2

SEV/110270/K/FF Location: Sevenoaks Adult Education Centre, Sevenoaks
Concessions £586.50

GCSE English Language

ONL/108620/K/LC Location: Delivered online

Only 1 place remaining

ESOL Level 1/ Level 2

GRA/110202/K/FF Location: Gravesend Skills Plus Centre, Gravesend

Only 3 places remaining

Concessions £599.50

ICT - Essential Digital Skills E3/L1

ONL/112209/K/FF Location: Delivered online
Concessions FREE

GCSE Maths

ONL/108582/K/LC Location: Delivered online

ESOL Entry Level 1/2 Speaking + Listening

ONL/112266/K/FF Location: Delivered online
Concessions £455.50

ESOL Entry 2/3 Speaking and Listening

ONL/111557/K/FF Location: Delivered online
Concessions £455.50

Maths Level 1/Level 2

DAR/111457/K/FF Location: Dartford Skills Plus Centre, Dartford
Concessions FREE