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Family Courses

Courses for parents, carers and their children

Family Courses are informative, practical and fun, offering a great opportunity for parents, carers and their children to enjoy quality time together learning new skills or maybe rediscovering old ones.

Courses are run free of charge in priority locations. Where a community does not meet these criteria, we are very happy to make the same offer at a very competitive price.

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Wider Family Learning

These fun courses are for parents and children to learn together in an informal and family friendly setting. Courses are tailored to meet the needs of a group and can tie in with topics being covered by children at school. We offer a variety of courses including two-hour tasters and three-week courses. Delivered through live online Zoom classrooms.

Possible courses:

  • Family Yoga (2 hours) This course will teach you how to support your child's wellbeing by using Yoga and breathing practices. You will be provided with easy to follow activities after each session to practise at home.
  • Family First Aid (6 hours) For parents and children to learn how to manage an incident in which people are ill or have been injured and take care of them until medical help is available.
  • Mini Builders and Boffins (2 hours or 6 hours) Extend your knowledge of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) through fun and creative activities. Families will have the opportunity to gain confidence in planning and creating a variety of homemade toys, and/or experimenting with water and/or conducting investigations in sound.
  • Seasonal Papercrafts (2 hours) Families will extend their knowledge of crafts, work together and create a variety of seasonal craft items. Great for Christmas, Easter and many other occasions.
  • Fun with Yoga - Animal Poses (2 hours) This course will teach you how to do some yoga poses, which will enable you and your child to improve balance, coordination, focus and concentration and will promote a sense of calm.
  • Elmer Workshop (2 hours) Families will make a 'milk carton Elmer', look at why are 'one of a kind' and participate in an online scavenger hunt based on the David McKee Elmer books.
  • Foodtastic (6 hours) For parents and children to work together to learn more about healthy eating. You will have the opportunity to gain confidence in planning and preparing a variety of dishes together and tasting the results.
  • Additional workshops (2 hours)
    • Bug hunt
    • Mask making
    • Jewellery making
    • Little Gardeners
    • Rocket making
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These courses are for parents, grandparents and carers of children.  Some courses help parents tackle everyday family issues and help parents and children enjoy family life. Our Parenting courses are not about being a perfect parent - more about discovering that other people's experiences are the same. Parenting courses are not intended to be interventions and the tutor will not tell parents 'how it is done', rather they are discussion-based with time to share experiences, ideas, concerns and possible solutions.

Possible courses:

  • Autism Awareness (8 hours) This course will look at various principles of Autism and the different aspects that can be present. Developing techniques to create a supportive environment, behaviour management and coping strategies.
  • Building Family Resilience (8 hours) Help learners recognise what resilience is, identify the resilience skills we already use and discuss strategies which can be used when faced with different situations.
  • Confident Parent, Confident Child (10 hours) Assess your own level of confidence and find out how this impacts on your children. Take part in group discussions about family life, find out ways to improve communication and learn how to increase your own confidence.
  • Managing Children's Behaviour (10 hours) Learn about why children behave in certain ways and how parents can positively influence their children's behaviour. Take part in discussions with other parents. Try out new strategies at home and talk about how these worked. Improve family life and your relationship with your children.
  • Parents Towards Employment (10 hours) Look at the different choices families face as they consider how to best combine employment with family responsibilities. Consider how to make the most of your own skills as parents and learn more about looking and applying for paid employment.
  • Positive Parenting for the New Parents (12 hours) This course is designed to facilitate the discussion about a child's physical and emotional development and help parents develop a positive approach to parenting, preparing for each of the child's formative stages.
  • Stepping up into Primary (2 hours) The opportunity to discuss with other parents the anxieties over your child starting school. How to best prepare your child and what to expect.
  • The English Education System (2 hours) Informing parents about the school system in England and how children are taught. Don't worry if you feel you don't know enough about schools and education in England. The tutor will help you find the answer to your own specific questions and will give you information about how school is set up for your child, whatever their age or needs.
  • Understanding your Teenager (10 hours) Understand what it is like being a teenager and find out how the teenage brain develops. Participate in discussions about family life with other parents. Improve communication with your teenager.
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Family English, Maths and Language

Courses are for adults who wish to become more involved in their children's learning and enable them to help children acquire English, maths and language skills. Parents can improve their own skills in English, maths and language and improve their ability to help their children. Courses are for adults (mothers, fathers, carers and guardians) who do not hold a current level 2 qualification in maths and English, Grade 4 (formerly Grade C) and above. All courses have an element of parent and child working together except those for adults only.

Possible courses:

  • Family English (12 hours plus) Learn about the English curriculum and how it is taught in primary schools. Brush up on your own spelling, punctuation and grammar and have the opportunity to work towards a nationally recognised qualification.
  • Family Maths (12 hours plus) Learn how your children are taught maths at school. Brush up on your knowledge of mathematical terminology such as place value, estimate, different methods of calculation and problem solving. You can also work towards a nationally recognised qualification.
  • Chatter Matters (2 hours or 10 hours) Understand the importance of talking to your baby, toddler or young child and learn about language development. Find out how you can help your child's speech by talking about everyday activities, playing games and having family fun together.
  • Cooking on a Budget (10 hours or 12 hours) Find out how to feed your family healthily and on a budget. Have a go at trying out new recipes on your own and with your children. Take the opportunity to taste new things and have fun cooking and tasting with your children.
  • Family Language - ESOL (10 hours or 12 hours) For parents, carers and children whose first language is not English to practise speaking, listening, reading and writing. Improve your English to cope with everyday situations and find out how English is taught in schools in the UK. There might be the possibility of working towards recognised qualifications.
  • Budding Writers (2.5 hours or 10 hours) Developing imagination by engaging in writing an exciting story and provide quality time for families to share stories together. Encouraging parents and children to plan, discuss and write a story sharing their opinions and explaining their thoughts with the family creatively.
  • Keeping up with the Children (2.5 hours or 10 hours) English - Learn about recent changes in the curriculum and how your children are taught at school. Understand how children are taught to read and write and how you can help them at home. Maths - Learn about recent changes in the curriculum and how children are taught maths skills at school and how you can help with their homework.
  • Reading for Fun (2.5 hours or 10 hours) Explore the importance of reading regularly with children. Discuss stories and express likes and dislikes. Use different texts and formats to inspire reading. Support interaction and provide quality time for families to have fun and learn together, strengthen relationships and extend child development in Reading, Writing, Speech and Language.
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What people say about us

When Vicky started on a Family Learning course she suffered from anxiety and had little confidence.

Vicky says “I joined the Adult Education courses because I wanted a chance to get out of the house and start to learn again. My anxiety had got so bad that going anywhere without someone I knew was a massive trigger for me. We had some awful times as a family, with different people and it was time to make a change and create something positive in our lives. The courses at the school were ideal for me because the Story Sacks course involved the children, and they were held somewhere I knew. It was nice to be able to do something productive and educational with my children, but also for me, it was nice to learn and build up a bit of confidence in my knowledge again after being out of education so long. I also wanted to show my children that it’s never too late to go back to learning, and every step counts.  I want them to be proud of me and I want a better life for all of us. I don’t want them ever to doubt that they can do anything they put their minds to.”

Kent Adult Education is a valuable partner in supporting the Children’s Centre’s work and effectiveness in achieving our outcomes. Their role has complemented our work with other partners such as Job Centre Plus and their ability to work in partnership with us designing specific courses to meet the needs of our communities is invaluable

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