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Drawing courses

Our online Drawing courses will introduce you to a range of different media and techniques to help you create a truly unique masterpiece. From drawing and sketching to taking your first steps in pen and ink, we have a range of different drawing courses designed for learners of all abilities.

If you are a complete beginner or aren’t too sure which aspect of drawing you would like to focus on, take a look at our taster courses which are designed to offer an insight before enrolling on a full Drawing course. If you are a learner who already draws at home but would like to explore new ideas, inspiration or learn new drawing techniques, our courses provide the opportunity to join a tutor and a group of learners with similar aims to find new ways of working.

Take inspiration from contemporary and historical artists to discover a new perspective and learn the technical skills of drawing in charcoal, pencil, pastels, and ink. Our subject specialist tutors will be available in real time to show you different techniques through demonstration and collaborative learning. Enjoy interacting with like-minded people as you discover a new hobby or learn new drawing skills.

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Art for Beginners - Drawing

FOL/108124/K/NC Location: The Cube, Folkestone

Drawing and Sketching Techniques - Beginners - Online Live

ONL/109380/K/PF Location: Delivered online
Concessions £152.00

Learn to Draw Still Life

TWL/107967/K/NC Location: Royal Victoria Place , Tunbridge Wells

A Beginners Guide to Drawing - Online Live

ONL/108160/K/NC Location: Delivered online

A Beginners Guide to Drawing - Landscapes - Online Live

ONL/110690/K/NC Location: Delivered online

Drawing - Beginners and Improvers

MAI/110888/K/NC Location: St Faiths Adult Education Centre, Maidstone

Drawing - Portraying Fur - Coloured Pencils

TWL/112636/K/NC Location: Royal Victoria Place , Tunbridge Wells

Drawing and Sketching - Animals - Online Live

ONL/111199/K/NC Location: Delivered online