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Pathway towards improving your wellbeing

Mental health issues are well known as a barrier to learning and employment. In these courses we look at the meaning of mental health, identify challenges and explore the process of keeping well through mindfulness and movement.


Confidence and Self-esteem
This course can be tailored for groups and will contain some or all of the following topics: awareness of the ‘inner critic’; replacing blame with praise; strategies for working with negative emotions; body consciousness; self-care; making an impression; finding a voice; speaking out, being heard and being a good listener. This course is 3 hours over 2 days.

Explore the reasons behind Mindfulness and try out some practical activities. How do we use mindful language, how can mindfulness help you in your everyday life? You will be guided through practical exercises to explore relaxation. This course is 2 hours.

Introduction to Mental Health Support
This course is designed to help learners understand why anyone can be susceptible to mental health challenges. Learners will gain a wider understanding of positive and negative mental health, related signs and symptoms and how they can help themselves and others. This course is 4 hours.

Introduction to Wellbeing by Managing Stress and Anxiety
This introduction will assist learners in understanding more about the physical and psychological symptoms of anxiety and stress and the practical ways to manage them. You will receive practical experience of self-help relaxation techniques and how to boost resilience to cope with challenges. This course is 4 to 6 hours.

Five Ways to Wellbeing
Learners will be introduced to the 5 Ways to Wellbeing steps as practical ways to manage wellbeing, stress & anxiety. You will learn the background knowledge on the five steps and how they were created and how understanding each step in turn can benefit our wellbeing. This course is 2 hours.

Introduction to Floristry
This introductory course will allow you to design a single flower wrap using different wrapping materials. You will learn to make a floristry bow, identify some flowers by their Latin names and design a hand-held posy arrangement for a table centre with a jam jar. This course is 2 to 4 hours.

Introduction to Arts and Crafts
Arts and crafts take many forms. On these introductory courses you can try a variety of simple arts and crafts. These courses are 2 to 4 hours.


Introduction to Fitness
Learners will be introduced to a simple exercise routine to aid wellbeing. You will discuss the benefits of exercise and stretching and preparing for exercise. Routines can be adapted according to learner needs and ability. You can reflect on the effectiveness of each session at the end. These courses are 4 sessions of 1.5 hours.

Introduction to Seated Exercise
This is a simple exercise programme designed to be undertaken while seated. It can be as energetic as Zumba or as relaxed as Tai Chi. Routines can be adapted for individual ability. These courses are 4 sessions of 1.5 hours. Hearts Matter – (cardio-style workout) Heart matters is an energetic workout designed to introduce you to fitness at a pace comfortable to you. Each week we will pay attention to a different area of the body completing a full body work out focusing on mainly cardiovascular fitness, but also flexibility, resistance and toning. These courses are 4 sessions of 1.5 hours.

Walking and Talking in Nature
On this course you will be on a group walk led by a tutor in your local area, taking some gentle exercise while connecting to the outside world. You will also be engaging your creativity by taking time to absorb your surroundings and can photograph things that interest or inspire you.This course is 2 sessions of 2 hours.

Introduction to Aromatherapy Oils
You will learn how essential oils can benefit the mind and body and how they can be incorporated into a hand massage blend. There will be a brief history of Aromatherapy, what it is and how it works. You will also identify a selection of at least 5 oils and identify their main properties and experience the power of the olfactory system through an aromatic demonstration. This course is 3 hours.