Calligraphy for Improvers - The Carolingian Hand | St Faiths Adult Education Centre, Maidstone

Calligraphy for Improvers - The Carolingian Hand at St Faiths Adult Education Centre, Maidstone

Calligraphy for Improvers - The Carolingian Hand at St Faiths Adult Education Centre, Maidstone

Price: £150.00 Starts: 10/01/2019 Time: 10:00 - 12:30
Tutor: Els Van Den Steen Ends: 21/03/2019 Location: St Faiths Adult Education Centre, Maidstone
Level: Mixed Level Day of Week: THU Duration: 10 weeks

This course has started, but is still accepting enrolments. This course has already started but it may still be possible to join it. Please call 03000 41 2222 and ask to be put through to the Centre where the course is running.

About this course

This course is for students who have already learned to write the Foundational Hand and who wish to learn the Carolingian Hand. This is not a course for beginners. Carolingian was a 9th-10th century standard bookhand, pleasant to read, that evolved in the court of King Charlemagne. It is a very rounded, slightly sloped hand, written with few pen lifts. These letter styles have been used for hundreds of years as the basis of many type designs and so we are familiar with their shape.

During the course we will study the basic shapes and the rules of the Carolingian alphabet. Next we will use the hand to create one or more personal projects, depending on the level of each individual student.

Skills/techniques covered:
- Analyse and understand the basic rules of the letterform
- Use of different sized pens
- Apply even letter-, word- and line spacing
- Explore layout & design for project
- Consider script texture
- Develop a good writing rhythm
- Write the corresponding capitals
- Considered use of colour
- Considered use of design- and colour technique
- Practice manipulating letterform

Homework between sessions (at least 2 hours per week) is essential to practice what you have learned in class and to develop your personal project further.

By the end of the course you should be able to:

- Write good Carolingian letters
- Write a sentence in different pen sizes, using even letter and word spacing
- Create a cut-and-paste layout, considering the balance between the text + designs and the margins
- Create a script texture & rule up correct guidelines
- Write Carolingian capitals & use them correctly with the minuscules
- Decide on appropriate design- and/or colour technique for personal project
- Write a block of text evenly, maintaining a good writing rhythm
- Decide on appropriate colour scheme for project
- Develop a script variation
- Use the building, tools and materials safely and responsibly

How will I be taught?

Tutors will use a variety of teaching methods including demonstrations, handouts, one-to-one guidance, group discussions and critiques. You will look at the work of contemporary and historical scribes and calligraphers and you will keep a work folder and individual learning plan (ILP) to record goals, ideas, processes and progress. Students will need to understand the potential benefit from the programme of study, read and interpret ideas, communicate responses that are clear, logical and understandable and manage your own time. You will undertake critical evaluation and be motivated to develop creative skills and enhance personal skills. You will receive one-to-one feedback throughout your course.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring your usual calligraphy equipment to the first session, including: a selection of dip pens, ink, water pot, brush, kitchen paper, masking tape, a protractor, layout paper, tracing paper, a ruler, HB pencil, eraser & sharpener, scissors, coloured fine-liners, a ballpoint pen and a notebook, if taking notes helps you to learn. Also reading glasses if you use them.

What can I do next?

A further 10 week course in the Improvers class, where you will either revise & improve a script you have learned before or learn a new script. You will also develop your calligraphic skills further by practicing new techniques and by using these to creat

What do I need to join the course

This course is for students who have already learned to write the 4 calligraphic basic hands (Uncial Hand, Foundational Hand, Gothic Blackletter & Italic) and wish to develop these further OR learn new, more challenging, scripts & techniques. This is not a course for beginners. You will need to set aside time for homework every week (at least 2 hours per week)..

About the Tutor: Els Van Den Steen

Els Van Den Steen has taught calligraphy in Adult Education for more than 15 years. She is a member of the Cinque Ports Scribes and she exhibits her work with this group. She gained a CLAS Diploma of Calligraphy in 1997.

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Getting there

St Faiths Adult Education Centre
St Faiths Street
ME14 1LH

If you require any information about this location then please call 03000 41 2222 and quote the Course Code MAI/69881/G/LC.
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